Gallery 2

Frosty oak Quercus robur


Peace pagoda with snow and blue sky


Canoeist in rapids


Lee Stone Freestyle champion JSRA British Championship Willen Lake Milton Keynes


Jet-ski Willen lake


Waves meeting sea defences


Boiling mud


Patterns in silty mud with small wooden posts


Calidris canutus Knot and Oystercatchers Haematopus ostralegus


Haematopus ostralegus Oystercatcher


Arenaria interpres Turnstone attempting to land on post controlled by Grey plover


Calidris alba Sanderling


Alauda arvensis Skylark well grown chick


Landscape with fairweather cumulus clouds


Stream running through verdant woodland


Swirly bubbles after waterfall


Waterfall in verdant woodland


Dytiscus marginalis Great Diving Beetle (larva)


Rana temporaria Common Frog underwater


Cepaea nemoralis Banded snail


Hypnum lacunosum var lacunosum Great Plait-moss (?)


Oudemansiella mucida Porcelain fungus


Pholiota squarrosa Shaggy Scalycap


Macrolepiota procera Parasol Mushroom


Dama dama Fallow deer


Misty pine woodland


Cupressus guadalupensis


Pseudolarix amabilis Golden Larch


Populus nigra Black Poplar red anthers and yellow pollen


Acer autumn colour


Acer davidii Pere David's Maple


Sorbus aucuparia Rowan



Fagus sylvatica Beech with frost


Canis lupus Grey Wolf


Panthera tigris altaica Siberian Tiger


Quercus robur English Oak but note it has clusters of small curled leaves and small acorns so is not the normal form of Q. robur


Tryfan in snow


Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk1b Z7015 G-BKTH


Hawker Demon G-BTVE K8203 and Hawker Hind K5414 G-AENP


Avro 652A Anson XIX G-AHKX


Cervus elaphus Red deer


Cygnus cygnus Whooper swans against the light grazing on fields after harvest


Anas platyrhynchos Mallard in early morning mist


Evening Ivinghoe beacon